Paolo Mazzilli & X51 Team presents

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Visitors from 18/05/'98
    Advanced electronic researches in free energy aviation engines, for avionics applications - Researches, Projects, Prototypes and electronic engineering. Free-energy anti-gravity engines systems - Anti-gravity spaceship navigation clothes - Biefeld-Brown and Franklin electrostatic anti-gravity engines - Tesla high voltage electronic transformers - Einstein, his story.- Tesla, his technical datasheets - Spaceship special electronic headsets - Einstein special pictures - UFO theories main book - anti-gravity and free energy technology handbook - UFO special pictures collection. High power batteries - Nickel Metal Hydride batteries - Ionic resonance recharging special batteries - Researches about audio aero equipments - Voice activated intercom antinoise systems and avionics portable devices - Aero blind landing IR systems - Aero weather radar navigation systems - GPS space navigation systems - avionics special plugs and jacks - CO2 lasers for optical and spatial applications.

AVIONICS ENGINEERING: Paolo Mazzilli's main patented invention, the CDD6/T machine.